Come cook, eat, learn, and be entertained!

Thanks to Lady Letia Thistelthueyt for our beautiful new logo! cropped-Kitty-Hawk-Shirt3-03-w-staves-940-x-300.jpg

The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill, and particularly this humble Autocrat, thanks all the attendees that enjoyed the thrills of the Cooks and Performers Symposium this weekend!  Many of the handouts from the classes are collected into this CAPS Symposium Proceedings document and licensed for reproduction under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International License. Please respect the copyright and license of each of these works by reading what these licenses mean here: 

The handful of teachers who have different licenses on their handouts or couldn’t submit by the pre-event deadline will be able to post their works here on this web page, and other links to their work will be posted here in the coming days. Please check back later for more updates!

University of Atlantia credit will be given for those that signed the UA credit sheets in their classes. Some sheets are still trickling in, so if you’re concerned you didn’t get signed in on those sheets, please let the autocrat, Lady Sophia the Orange, know what class you attended and who your teacher was via orange AT indy DOT net.

Now roll credits!

Glory and honor shall be showered upon the following folks for their selfless service and support of this event:

All 42 teachers and leaders for bringing their brilliant wisdom and sharing it with the people of Atlantia!

Lord Gaelan mac Cuinnegain for designing and running the whole Cooking Track, The Feast, and managing the transport of mountains of gear from the baronial storage unit!

Lady Dýrfinna Freviðardóttir for serving as the Reservationist- managing attendees money for site and feast fees.

Lady Marion the Red for serving as one of the most self sufficient, organized, and prepared Gate Stewards I’ve ever known AND handling the lunch tickets at the last minute without blinking an eye!

Lady Fíne ingen Tomalt for supporting Marion at Troll all day long.

Lady Lucia Elena Braganza for copying, labeling, and inserting notes into all 100 of the site token CDs!

Lady Lucia Elena Braganza and Mistress Zsof for helping iron on all those little windy kitty logos onto the teacher thank you bags!

Master Solvarr Hammerson and Lady Rowan of Hawkridge for ensuring people could easily find dinner on the local economy.

Lady Geneviefve d’ Estelle for collecting and checking all the class handouts to produce one document of over 200 pages for the Event Proceedings document that became the CD/site token.

Baroness Adriana la Bretonne for serving as Royalty Liaison, creating the paper program, and helping me fill in all the little gaps in event planning I’d missed in the few weeks or so before the event.

Baron Callixtus Gill and His Royal Highness for showing us all what a good game of Cambock looks like!

Isabelle & Edward for being the first staff folks on site to help set up and filling in helping everywhere.

Lord Brian fitz Gerald, for helping with transporting thrones, decorations, and other gear from the storage unit to the event site.

Lady Rowan of Hawkridge for filling in a thousand ways including setting, resetting, and decorating the main hall and managing the volunteer labor in the fastest Feast Kitchen Cleanup ever known!

Lady Helwynn Ivelchild and Master James of Middle Aston for ensuring all the classrooms were teacher-ready with enough chairs and tables, and ensuring that same classrooms/chairs/tables were all returned to their original setup before the end of the event.

Lord Ibrahim, Lord Jaume, and milord Edward for lots of chair and table hauling and helping all over.

Catarina di Paulo for creating and serving that amazing lunch!

Isabella, the Royal Baker, for running that amazing Cheesecake Competition and making the strawberry tarts for the feast dessert!

Lady Hrosvitha and her daughter Bella for an amazing effort to ensure we had cleaned up everything in the church and returned it all to the 100% perfect state for the church to return to business as normal the next morning.

Lady Jora i Holti and Lord Adelric for ensuring the Head Table was set up and the thrones were in place for the Baronial Presence.

Lord Giovan Donado and Lord Johann von Solothurn for providing beautiful dinner music – and to Giovan again for washing dishes after putting down his lute!

Special thanks to Lady Jora and Master James for starting the kitchen cleanup before feast was finished! (If you didn’t hear Baron Lorenzo’s story about St. Hobart… post a comment below and we’ll petition him to retell it!)

And a cast of dozens for The Amazing Feast Cleanup!

A special thanks to our friends from out of kingdom who all helped set up, taught or lead something, and helped clean up!  Baron Lorenzo from Meridies, Mistress Zsof and Lady Luica Elena Braganza from the Midrealm!

And of course a very special Thank You to my amazing supportive husband, Lord Manus MacDhai, for loads of tasks not the least of which was helping me get up and out of the house super early completely packed – then going back home to get some forgotten handouts!

Finally, a special thanks to everyone from the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill and the Kingdom of Atlantia who supported this new, unorthodox, and rather niche event. It’s not every day we have a new, risky idea to try out, so Thank You for supporting this one!

Sincerely, humbly, and thankfully Yours,

Lady Sophia the Orange, Autocrat







Stephanie Taylor / Lady Dyrfinna
3408 Cole Mill Road; Durham, NC 27712


Come cook, eat, learn, and be entertained! — 12 Comments

  1. Greetings, Deare Lady! I am going to do my best to come to this event. Since my personal is Italian, I would like to perform original poetry and song(s) that will be documented to medieval Italy. I would also be most happy to teach something either about Italian poetry (Terza Rima, Veronica Franco, or Sestina, perhaps?). Thank you for the invitation and I will keep you posted to assure my availability.

    • Tricky. There’s really only the one kitchen. And Windmasters doesn’t have the 2 people with background checks yet needed to have official youth activities. But please do email Lord Gaelan, the Cooking Track Lead at, directly to ask. Thanks! – Sophie

  2. I am looking at coming with one of the local ladies. I am from the Outlands and so I am not acquainted with local events. Is there a schedule for the event yet? Right now I am mostly interested in Start and End times.

    • Hi Wolfgang! The current schedule is 9:00am – midnight with the court, feast, and concert starting at about 5:00pm. Watch this space for a hotel block deal to show up, and we can help you network with local SCAdians for crash space if you like. 🙂 – Sophia

  3. I see there’s a concert in the evening. Is this an invitation only concert, or is it really a bardic circle, or something completely different?


    • The concert has both invitation slots and slots for volunteers. I’ll post soon when slots are available for public sign up.

  4. Greetings to the class instructors for this wonderful event,

    If you take the time to prepare a class handout or article for this event, please take pity on those poor souls who can’t attend.

    Please send your handout or article to me to possibly put into the Florilegium, so that the rest of us can learn from the hard work you’ve already done.


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