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This event’s feast is very special. It will be built upon the work of 7 amazing teachers as they teach classes in how to prepare each of their dishes. ┬áThe teachers and students are preparing this feast as a team, all day long, under the direction of Lord Gaelan mac Cuinnegain.

Flat Bread – Annora Hall
Soft Cheese – Hrosvitha von Celle

Stuffed Chicken – Tirzah McCrudden
Sauce for Chicken – Guenievre de Monmarche
Brussel Sprouts – Murienne l’Aloiere
Roasted Veggies – Tirzah McCrudden

Standing Pies – Guenievre de Monmarche
Frumenty – Charles Fleming (informal instruction in the kitchen at 1:00pm instead of a formal class)
Whortes – Murienne l’Aloiere

Strawberry Tartes – Lady Isabella Dolce Panettiere Bianchi della Luna – Royal Baker of Atlantia (no associated class specifically for these tartes.)

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