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Many options for Feeding The Audience abound at the Cooks and Performers Symposium!

  1. A fundraiser lunch will be available for a small donation
  2. A small feast (total 50 seats) will be served for $10 per seat regardless of age
  3. Group dinner excursions will be organized by Master Solvar. Estimating ~3 groups of ~10 people to venture to Cameron Village – an area nearby the event site with many dining options. Please email him at solvarr AT gmail DOT com to sign up for one of these group dining excursions.
  4. Tables and chairs will be set up in half the feast hall for folks wishing to bring their own picnic feast for dinner.


Feed Me! — 3 Comments

    • As of May 19th, there were some feast slots left. Please send your paper check in right away! See the home page for the address to send it to.

  1. Any chance we can get the current wait list posted? If I’m not on-board, I’d like to sign up for one of the excursions.

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