Non-Class Activities

Royal Baker Cheesecake Contest!

Our own Royal Baker, Lady Isabella Dolce Panettiere Bianchi della Luna, a professional pastry chef, is hosting a competition to produce the MOST IMPRESSIVE cheesecake! Voting will be by the populace using the “beans in cups” method, and Their Royal Highnesses will have the opportunity to name their own favorite too!

Bring and enter your cheesecake for an evening competition to take place during the concert after feast at this event. His Royal Highness is a huge fan of cheesecake, is attending this event, and we’d like to share his joy of this dessert! Period recipes exist for cheesecake, so see what you can find and bring the recipe! Please bring a hard copy of the whole recipe for all entries to avoid ingredient allergy reactions. And bring a serving utensil with your name on it. Judging will be by the populace using the “beans in cups” method and Their Royal Highnesses will have the chance to select their personal favorite and hand out bragging rights. Winners announced at the Concert’s intermission. Some refrigeration will be available on site, but if you have a cooler of your own, please use it. Bring your entries to the table in the Fellowship Hall by the end of feast which is very approximately set to be around 8:00pm – ISH.

Royal Brewer’s Tasting Table for All  Brewers and Vintners

From 11:00am – 2:00pm, the Royal Brewer will host a tasting table for all beverage makers to share their products!  Please bring your products to share to the table as early in the time frame as you can. Please leave notes, comments, and tokens of appreciation if you join in the tasting!

Bardic Circle All Afternoon

Outside under the shade tent there will be space for informal Bardic Circling from 1:00pm – 5:00pm.  A leader and groundrules will be provided.  Please be polite and follow the groundrules set for this bardic circle.


Bring your sticks! If you have a hockey stick – bring it! Cambock is a much loved Atlantia tradition and our own Baron Callixtus Gill will lead all comers in a session of Cambock during lunch!

Private Feedback for Performances

Four very experienced performers will be giving feedback in private sessions of 20 minutes each to any performer who wishes to sign up. Please read the Class Descriptions to see the specialties of each feedback giver.  Please sign up by emailing the autocrat, Sophia the Orange, via orange AT indy DOT net.

See the class descriptions under the tabs for Classroom 5 and Classroom 6 on big schedule spreadsheet here:–YQb0y-o-Y_M/edit?usp=sharing


Sadly, we couldn’t finagle room for this to be a formal class, but if you’re interested in how to make Frumenty, come to the kitchen at 1:00pm and watch as Charles Fleming make the Frumenty for feast. He’ll be happy to chat with folks as long as they work politely to make space with others making feast dishes in the kitchen.

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