Parking is going to be very tight at this church site.  We are working on a Google Map to show where parking can be had on the streets around the church once the church’s very cute and adorable little parking lot is filled.


Please also consider asking your carpooling driver to drop off passengers with event stuff/gear in the parking lot, then driving to a parking spot a couple minutes walk away from the church.

There will be a shuttle service provided by a couple generous members of our barony that will shuttle folks from a parking lot 5 minutes walk down the street to the church. This shuttle service will run in a continuous loop from approximately 8:00am – 10:00am and then in the afternoon after court (approximately around 6:00pm ish for 30-60 minutes).

This neighborhood is a safe one where people can feel safe walking down the street after dark, but chivalrous escorts can be requested for walking back to cars after dark if needed.

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