Private Feedback Sessions for Performers

Performers of any kind can get private feedback sessions from experienced performers throughout the day.  Feedback Sessions are offered by the following well-respected performers:

Mistress Rosalind Jehanne, OL (Songwriting & Singing)
Mistress Dervila ni Leanon, OL (Storytelling)
Lady Teleri the Well Prepared (Music Performance)
Mistress Tyze Sofia, OL (Theater and Bardic songwriting and singing)
Agnes Olympe d’Occitanie, modern Master of Fine Arts (Theater & Dance)

Please email me, Sophia the Orange (orange AT indy DOT net), to schedule a 20 minute slot for your feedback session.
See Classrooms 5 & 6 for the schedule of feedback sessions here:–YQb0y-o-Y_M/edit?usp=sharing

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