Autocrat & Performing Arts Track Lead – Lady Sophia the Orange – contact via email:  orange AT indy DOT net

Cooking Track Lead & Head Cook – Lord Gaelan mac Cuinneagain – contact via email:  Lordgaelan AT gmail DOT com

Reservationist: Stephanie Taylor / Lady Dyrfinna – Send paper checks to 3408 Cole Mill Road; Durham, NC 27712     ($10 site fee per person and $10 feast ticket regardless of age)

Gate Steward (Troll): Lady Marion the Red

Gate Assistants (Trollettes):  Mark and Fine

Dinner Excursions Organizer: Master Solvarr – contact via email at: solvarr AT gmail DOT com

Event Librarian: Lady Geneviefve d’ Estelle – send class handouts in PDF form to her at:  geneviefve AT gmail DOT com

Royalty Liaison: Baroness Adriana la Bretonne – contact via email at: baroness AT windmastershill DOT org

Cambock Instructor: Baron Callixtus Gill – don’t contact him. Just show up at lunch for CAMBOCK!!

Set Up Team:  Isabelle, Edward, Fine, Brian, Rowan, Cassandra, James, Ibrahim

Feast Kitchen Clean Up Team:  Ibrahim

End Of Day Site Clean Up Team:  Lady Hrosvitha, Ibrahim

Baronial Presence Minions:


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  1. Greetings from the mountains of NC!

    Is there any way to confirm receipt of a check for a reservation for attending this event and feast? Surely would love to be sure of having a space before I travel. Thanks for your help!

    • Hello Eithne!
      The latest spreadsheet update I have does *not* have either of your names on it. There is a short delay between our Reservationist receiving your check and the info getting onto the spreadsheet I can see, so please do contact our reservationist directly via email using exchequer AT windmastershill DOT org to get the most up to date info. Thanks! — Sophia the Orange, Autocrat

      • Hello Sophia!
        Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I just emailed Lady Dyrfinna to check up on this, as when I was at the bank yesterday, my check had not yet cleared. Surely am hoping all will be positively resolved, and I will get to attend this event and happily feast with all! Thanks again for your help!

        • Many thanks to Lady Dyrfinna for her email response! I am thrilled to be joining the good folks of Windmasters Hill once again for an event and a wonderful feast!!

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